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Stocking Trucks Roll - There’s an app for that!

State College, PA – Officials from Berkeley Fishing Supplies, makers of PowerBait, a line of artificial natural-tasting fishing bait, announced today that they are releasing their first software product: PowerSpot. According to Berkeley officials PS is a social networking tool that enables fishermen to locate instances of trout stocking in their area in real-time. Spokesman Nelson Richie explained, “It used to be that it took forever to learn where the stocking trucks had planted a load of fish. With PowerSpot it takes only a matter of minutes. When a PS user spots the stocking trucks unloading their precious cargo they take a picture and upload it immediately to the PowerSpot master website. Other PS subscribers are immediately alerted to stocking activities in their area." Although integrated with Apple’s I-Phone, Berkely was quick to assure potential PowerShot users that PS works with any mobile wireless device that can accept text messages, or email. The unique thing about the I-Phone application is that in addition to location, it is integrated with USGS stream flow gauges and the Mapquest mapping tool. In certain areas the PackSpot option will also be offered. A fully equipped PowerSpot user with the PackSpot option will receive an alert providing a map of local rivers, noting current flow levels and how much weight to apply to get their PowerBait deep to where the fish are. The map will also be marked with locations of package liquor stores and PowerBait outlets en route to the stocking locations. The free application may be downloaded at Not to be left behind, Orvis officials are said to soon release a similar product that offers hatch-matching capability, for an additional $600.

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