Bass Fishing Tips: How to Fish Top Water Lures

Bass Fishing Tips

I can safely sit here and feel comfortable saying that topwater fishing is one of the most exciting experiences an angler can possibly have, that is, assuming you know what you’re doing. Topwater fishing involves working lures across the surface of the water to provoke a fish to strike. Most topwater anglers are often fishing for some species of bass, but they can be used to catch other fish such as musky and sometimes even catfish. The following few tips should have you popping lures and buzzing baits all over the lake.

Experience with rate of retrieval

Some days are faster than others so the rate of retrieval is something that needs to be experimented with. Begin by popping a popper quickly across the water, or reeling a buzz bait in at a fairly fast rate. If that doesn’t work, begin to fish the bait very slowly. An a/c shiner slowly flicking on the surface of the water is very difficult to pass for an enticed bass.

Fish cover

This is true with nearly every lure whether it be top of bottom. Bass like to hang around cover. Cover can include, but is not limited to, fallen trees, stumps, stick ups of any kind, lily pads, grass, rocks, and just where the shade and sunlight meet in the water. Throw your lure past the cover and bring it past the object from several different angles. Bass like to hide on certain sides of the cover, most of the time to ambush prey or avoid the sunlight.

Fish morning and evening

What is true of nearly all fishing situations is that fish tend to feed more aggressively during the morning or evening. It’s the time they actually leave heavy cover in search of food. Since fish have no eyelids, they rely on cover to keep the sun out of their eyes. This explains why they come out when the sun has not fully come up or has already gone down. Try avoiding topwater baits when fishing in the middle of the day. Deep diving lures and heavy, weedless cover plastics are better in that situation. Topwater fishing can be a really rewarding experience and is often quite impressive to people who think fishing is boring. There’s something about a large bass erupting on an “injured minnow” atop the water’s surface evokes spectator interest. Just be sure to experiment with the rate of retrieval, fish the heave cover, and fish the morning and the evening, and you should be on your way to having a great time.

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